We see that big publicly listed corporations have many things in common:

The characteristics of their shareholders:

  • The main shareholders are usually their founders, Investment Funds, company executives, etc.

Their corporate practices:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • User experience optimization, which is the focus of the company

Their market capitalization:

  • We observe how these corporations have immense market capitalizations, benefiting only their shareholders.

All of these factors are worthy of being studied and mentioned. But…




Ournett improves on all these concepts, opening a new era of the internet!

  • The principal shareholder will be the user, 52% of the company will be yours!
  • Its market capitalization is destined to financially support and benefit you, the owner
  • Its strategies (Organizational and Corporate) are destined to · benefit you in two main ways:
    • Customer service and increased share price.
    • Ournett’s existence and purpose is not the user, it’s the shareholder, YOU ARE OUR SHAREHOLDER, OUR USER

The internet is yours! A new era!

Ournett is operational.

But please note: the delivery of our shares program will Not be effective UNTIL THE COMPANY IS PUBLICLY TRADED.