Financial Backing

  • Ournett Company Inc destines 11% of its treasury stock to financially support our shareholders/users.
  • The financial benefits that you will receive are $400 in financial backing for each member of your network that you invite and that successfully registers.
  • The shares will be deposited in banks that will participate in our program as collateral which will provide the user the following:
    • Cheaper rates on loans or credit cards
    • Higher yield accounts
  • Today, we are reserving for our shareholders/users $xxxxxxx in financial assets.
  • Important: Current negotiations are underway for affiliations and commercial relationships with banks to provide our users/shareholders with financial programs so you receive the best possible terms and conditions.
  • You can control your financial backing from the customer page on or the “mynett” app.

Guarantees and transparency

  • Start receiving your financial aid with Ournett. $XXXXXX destined today for our users!
  • We reserve for banks the figure of $XXXXXXX in equity assets (listed assets on the stock exchange) to help you with your finances!
  • We publish links to the quote and portfolio reserves deposited in the banks.
  • Your friends will benefit by inviting them to register for You can invite as many friends as you want. No limits!
  • With Ournett, you have your financial backing, which you observe and control through your customer area with the Ournett Points. For example: invite 10 friends and receive $4,000 to help you access credit and lower your interest rates.

Ournett is operational.

But please note: the delivery of our shares program will Not be effective UNTIL THE COMPANY IS PUBLICLY TRADED.