What is Ournett?

Ournett is a market place whereby you can buy all kinds of products through our website Ournett.com or our app Myournett you can become a shareholder.

Ournett.com is owned by Ournett Company Inc of which you are a shareholder.

What associations does Ournett have so that I can purchase all kinds of products?

Ournett currently has a partnership with Amazon.com and we will move forward in different partnerships with other e-commerce companies that meet the highest standards of service and product.

Why can Ournett pay me with shares for the invitation of my friends / social environment.

Ournett is based this on the rule xxxxxxxxxxxx by which Ournett can pay with shares for services rendered to the “Ournett”company by people who do not necessarily work for us. The service that you provide to Ournett is a “viral marketing” service, by which you are inviting your social network to participate in Ournett.

Why and how does Ournett support me financially?

Ournett, in its financial backing program, allocates 11% of the treasury shares to financially support the user in the areas of low cost credit and in obtaining for you – higher interest rates on bank deposits at banks who work with Ournett to provide extraordinary benefits.

Ournett delivers treasury shares to its affiliated banks.  We are currently working on different affiliations with banks to achieve the objectives set. Ournett is listed on the OTC and this collateral will be used at banks to give you a higher interest on deposits money and obtain credits at low cost.

Exciting information:
An in a short space of time, we will be on the Nasdaq. This will be done once the marketing investment levels required by the Nasdaq for the shares to be listed on that market have been met or exceeded.

I am a shareholder of Ournett, how soon do you foresee that my shares will revalue and increase?

We feel the shares will have strong revaluations but that is something, we cannot predict.

The revaluations are motivated by the following aspect:

By implementing this unique, innovative and highly beneficial strategy for the Internet user, Ournett will obtain a unprecedented number of users. Users will make their purchases through “Your” company, thus obtaining important business results from our company.

The business results of our company are transferred to the user in:

Dividends for your shareholder package, bonuses on your “hyper competitive price” purchases and our financial backing.

Ournett allocates 52% of its treasury shares to users and we see that in the concepts: Viral Marketing + Financial backing allocates 22%. Where is the remaining 32%

We allocate 16% to a spectacular strategy that we will reveal when we are listed in the Nasdaq market.

This strategy is beneficial at the same economic level as the shares we deliver in the concept of viral marketing to ournett users / shareholders.

We anticipate you will love it!

10% of our treasury shares are used for mergers and takeovers.

We allocate 4% to global expansion and corporate developments.
All with a single objective: 
Economic and social benefit for ournett shareholders, employees and associates!

Ournett is operational.

But please note: the delivery of our shares program will Not be effective UNTIL THE COMPANY IS PUBLICLY TRADED.