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Ournett helps you financially up to $ 1,000

With the Financial Aid of Ournett your loans will be cheaper

  • Ournett helps you with your personal finances so that the interest rates of your credits are reduced.
  • Ournett will allocate to you $ 1,000 in shares of Ournett Holdings Inc. to make contributions to your bank as an additional guarantee.
  • Ournett acquires shares of banks in order to strengthen the relationship with banks and with the hope that banks will be more inclined to reduce the interest rates of our users’ loans.

Purchasing through ournett.com on amazon.com, will entitle you to bonuses of up to 4% on future purchases.

Ournett is publicly traded

Ournett is a publicly traded company WITH A VALUE OF MORE THAN 48 MILLION DOLLARS.


Ournett Holdings Inc. is regulated by the SEC:


Ournett advances by issuing more than 177 million new shares.



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